Blocked Drains

They can strike at any time, and quickly cause daily life to shudder to a halt; in commercial environments blocked drains can be even more problematic, causing serious health and safety issues and businesses to close their doors. So it’s important to have at hand a team that can quickly attend your premises, finding the cause of the blockage and restoring functionality to your system. Northants Waste Control provide round the clock, year-round coverage to ensure blocked drains are dealt with ASAP, and utilise both traditional rodding and more modern techniques including  CCTV drain surveys (for diagnostics), and high pressure jetting (for unblocking).

CCTV Drain Surveys

Circumventing the need for excavation to diagnose blockages and infrastructural issues located deep within a system, CCTV drain surveys are a quick and convenient way of getting a detailed understanding of your drains. They see our trained engineers monitor a live feed, which can also be digitally recorded, as they feed a HD camera through your system. While they are typically employed to deal with issues such as blockages and leaks, they are also an ideal way to assess the overall health of drains before purchasing a property, or making significant alterations to its drain infrastructure. In some cases, they are also pre-requisite before insurance policies on a residential or commercial property can be finalised.

Gully Cleaning

While they’re an essential means of preventing standing water and serious flooding occurring on a property, gullies can easily get clogged up and cease to function efficiently – especially during the autumn months. Eventually they can become completely blocked, and lead to your sewers backing-up, something nobody wants to have to deal with! Regular cleaning from professionals, who can rid gullies of even the most stubbornly lodged objects and built-up grime, keeps them in proper working order, and prevents such an eventuality.

High Pressure Jetting

Restore a blocked or clogged drain to its former glory with our high pressure jetting service. As the name suggests, this involves using highly pressurised jets of water and concentrating them at particular points in your sewer system. It’s a versatile technique that’s equally suited to flushing out pollutants and detritus, as it is to dealing with blockages deep within a length of pipe.


Interceptors typically sit on sites in which pollutants and toxic substances can be picked up by rainfall or water spillages, before heading into drains and becoming a serious ecological hazard. They’re designed to allow the offending materials to sink to the bottom of the interceptor, or float on top of the surface, while the liquid that’s carried it there moves safely into your drainage system. While interceptors don’t require much work in maintaining, they still need to be emptied and cleaned out from time to time – which is why Northants Waste Control offers its clients both scheduled maintenance and interceptor repair services, should yours stop working for any reason.

Pump Station Maintenance

Many Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Buckinghamshire properties feature pump stations, as traditional gravity-fed systems aren’t appropriate or can’t be incorporated on their property. They’ll collect up waste liquids and when they reach a certain level, transfer them to a nearby sewage system automatically. While often “out of sight and out of mind”, they still need to be subject to regular pump station maintenance, to ensure they can continue doing their job effectively – and that’s what Northants Waste Control offers to its clients.

Septic Tanks

Northants Waste Control both installs and maintains septic tanks on behalf of domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout its principal service areas of Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Buckinghamshire. Whether you need a tank installed on a new build property, or find that a very old tank is giving you repeated issues and needs repair or replacement, we can assist you. You can also schedule us in to visit regularly, like clockwork, to empty your septic tank when it’s nearly full – or simply call us as and when you need it emptied, should the incoming levels of waste that it handles be harder to reliably predict. We recommend septic tanks are emptied and cleaned at the very minimum once per year.

Everything from the Installation of Septic Tanks, to Unclogging of Blocked Drains in Northampton | Northants Waste Control

Welcome to the online home of Northants Waste Control. A liquid waste management specialist, we pride ourselves on taking an innovative and progressive approach to our work, whether we’re assisting with blocked drains in our hometown of Northampton, or creating commercial maintenance programs for clients elsewhere in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire or Bedfordshire – including bustling locales like Milton Keynes. Our goal is to provide competitively priced, technical solutions to all your waste management requirements, safeguarding occupants and infrastructure in domestic and commercial properties alike.

City & Guilds members and approved by the water authority, we also have a confined space entry permit. All staff are qualified, experienced waste control professionals, and we overcome any potential hurdles via in-depth risk assessments, and adherence to a stringent in-house health and safety policy which meets all regulatory requirements.

A Full Range of Liquid Waste Management Solutions

The Northants Waste Control team specialises in the installation and emptying of septic tanks. If your tank isn’t being regularly emptied, we’d love to hear from you. Clearance rids septic tanks of sewage solids and ensures they run efficiently, and don’t develop serious issues. Most clients around Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Bedfordshire should be looking to have this done once per year, at the very minimum.

Another area we are bona fide experts in is interceptors. As a vital line of drain defence, they require occasional attention in the form of twice-annual clearance. We’ll bring in 2,000 or 3,000 gallon tankers to assist in the task, removing all the built up silt and oils caught by interceptors, ensuring they remain fit for purpose for our clients in Northampton, Milton Keynes and all surrounding areas.

For more information, or if you have blocked drains and need to book a visit from our Northampton based team, pick up the phone and call 01604 588 988 or 07590 445 830.