Unclogging Blocked Drains in Northampton & the Midlands | Northants Waste Control

When blocked drains strike, you need a number you can call any time day or night. This is where Northants Waste Control comes in, providing round-the-clock emergency coverage for domestic and commercial clients in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Leicestershire – including our hometown of Northampton, and bustling Milton Keynes. After all, blocked drains can lead to serious issues, including unbearable odours, back-up of sewage, and the inability to flush toilets or use showers and washing machines, to name just a few. In short, they can quickly shut down activity in both homes and places of business.

blocked drain blocked drain pipe

We utilise traditional drain rodding techniques in the case of minor blockages that are located close to drain entrances, and high pressure jetting equipment to deal with major blockages and those located deep within a system. Our dedicated page on high pressure jetting provides further information on this essential service, which is also an effective maintenance procedure that restores drains to their previous speed and efficiency.

If the cause of a blockage is not immediately identifiable, we can utilise our CCTV drain survey equipment to provide thorough diagnostics for our Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Leicestershire clients. This sees a high definition camera fed through your system, with a trained drain engineer monitoring the feed and explaining any findings to the client. The appropriate action to unclog blocked drains can then be taken.

Learn more about our waste management and drain clearance services, available in Northampton, Milton Keynes and surrounding locales, by calling 01604 588 988 or 07590 445 830.