Restore Drain Functionality With High Pressure Jetting in Milton Keynes | Northants Waste Control

One area we’re constantly visiting is Milton Keynes, in which Northants Waste Control is a well-known name amongst both home and business owners. Services we provide Milton Keynes and surrounding locales include the clearing of blocked drains, CCTV drain surveys and gully cleaning. We also specialise in a range of more niche services, which are often provided incrementally as part of our commercial maintenance programs – including pump station maintenance, replacement of interceptors and septic tanks, and high pressure jetting.  

Our coverage is 24/7, 365 days a year – so that our clients have complete peace of mind, knowing there’s someone to call if they experience issues with their drainage infrastructure at even the most unsociable of hours. So to get a quote for any of the services detailed across this wider website, call the friendly team at Northants Waste Control on 01604 588 988 or 07590 445 830. Read on should you wish to take in an overview of our most popular services.

A Service Overview

CCTV Drain Surveys – As the name suggests, we utilise CCTV technology and feed a camera through your system. The display is monitored by a trained drain technician who knows exactly what to look for: signs of structural weaknesses, foreign objects threatening blocked drains, issues with the installation, invasive roots etc. The footage is also recorded to a DVD. This makes CCTV drain surveys ideal for Milton Keynes clients who:

Cleaning of Septic Tanks & Interceptors – Located underground, septic tanks have the vital role of storing solid sewage and allowing it to decompose. Interceptors divert heavy flows of waste to larger, public systems – preventing strain upon your immediate, private system. Each requires regular cleaning to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency. Our team can clean septic tanks and interceptors as a “one-off”, or we can schedule in visits at appropriate intervals as part of commercial maintenance programs – which we offer all Milton Keynes business owners.

Unblocking – Blocked drains can strike at any time, causing a system to function at a crawl or not function at all. Using drain rods or high pressure jetting, should a blockage be located deep in a system or be due to the build up of pollutants over time, we can quickly restore Milton Keynes properties’ systems to their former glory. We also provide a gully cleaning service, ensuring this vital outdoor drainage infrastructure can continue to do its job unimpeded.

Pump Station Maintenance – Where gravity systems are not appropriate, pump stations allow for the transference of stored waste to a local sewage system; if they break down, you will have to deal with a temporary inability to manage liquid waste, which can lead to all sorts of knock-on problems. While relatively simple in their design and manufacture, they still require looking after by trained professionals who understand the nuances of pump station maintenance. So call in Northants Waste near Milton Keynes, or incorporate pump station maintenance within commercial maintenance programs.

Have a question regarding the services we provide the Milton Keynes areas, such as high pressure jetting or the installation of septic tanks? Call 01604 588 988 or 07590 445 830 today.