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Bedfordshire is just a short drive from our Northampton base, which allows us to provide a full range of liquid waste management services to homeowners and commercial clients throughout the region – including clearing blocked drains on an emergency basis. We provide 24/7, year-round coverage to facilitate this. But we don’t just focus solely on reactive, emergency services… we author bespoke commercial maintenance programs, and also visit Bedfordshire properties and sites to carry out one-off gully cleaning, CCTV drain surveys, high pressure jetting, cleaning of interceptors and septic tanks, and pump station maintenance.

Needless to say, this covers a lot of ground and these individual services each has its own nuances. So on this page, we’ve looked to collate popular queries we receive from Bedfordshire clients, providing short and simple answers. For further information or to ask us a different question, simply give us a call on 01604 588 988 or 07590 445 830.

Bedfordshire Clients’ Questions Answered

Why might I require a CCTV drain survey?
Common reasons Bedfordshire clients request CCTV drain surveys include diagnosing on-going or recurring drainage issues – including stubbornly blocked drains – and the assessment of the condition of drains. This often occurs prior to the purchasing of a residential or commercial property in the Bedfordshire area.

What is high pressure jetting used to achieve?
It can be both a means of unclogging blocked drains, and a way to restore the efficiency of slow drains. High pressure jetting can strip and wash away all the oils and contaminants that cling to pipes and, over time, gradually build up and narrow them.

Why might my property require interceptors?
The chief reason is to prevent toxic substances from passing into public drain systems; these substances include oils and silts that collect on commercial and industrial sites around Bedfordshire. So carefully situated interceptors – maintained and cleaned out as part of the commercial maintenance programmes we offer – can be found at petrol forecourts, garages, factories and similar sites.

What might be involved in commercial maintenance programs?
Everything from the cleaning out and emptying of septic tanks and interceptors, to gully cleaning and pump station maintenance, to 24/7 coverage in case of blocked drains and similar issues. They’re comprehensive and cover both proactive and reactive services, providing peace of mind to Bedfordshire companies who need smooth-running and issue-free drains year-round.

How can I avoid blocked drains?
Please see our dedicated page on blocked drains for advice in this area.

Have query you’d like to see answered? Whether it’s regarding CCTV drain surveys, interceptors or something entirely different, call our team directly on 01604 588 988 or 07590 445 830.